Condo-Hopping With the Kardashians

The Building: The Atlas, 66 West 38th Street
The Show: Project Runway
Vital Stats: A 374-unit, 46-story rental building; an alcove studio can be rented for $2,925 per month, a one-bedroom for $3,585, and a two-bedroom for $4,995.
Screen Time: Every episode features a shot or two in this luxury rental, which has housed the show’s contestants for six of eight seasons. This is where they crash after days of crafting, conniving, and catfighting.
Is There a Halo Effect? Katherine Sabroff, the building’s marketing-operations vice-president, says calls flood in each season: “There isn’t a week when we don’t get inquiries [from] all parts of the world.” StreetEasy’s Sofia Song says apartments here often rent within two weeks, faster than in similar buildings.

The Building: 100 Eleventh Avenue
The Show: Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Vital Stats: Prices at this 54-unit Jean Nouvel condo in West Chelsea run from $1.45 million for a one-bedroom to $22 million for a four-bedroom penthouse.
Screen Time: In the just-aired fifth season, viewers get lingering shots of the building’s playfully blocky exterior, plus a few minutes inside. “This is dreamy!” exclaims Kris Jenner, as she and her daughter Kim moon over the apartment.
Is There a Halo Effect? Probably none. Nouvel’s extraordinary architecture is the real buzz-builder here. October was a banner month, with four contracts signed, but all were in the works before the show aired. “I don’t think it has anything to do with the Kardashians,” says sales director Holly Parker.

The Building: 535 West End Avenue
The Show: Selling New York
Vital Stats: StreetEasy lists six apartments available for sale in this very expensive twenty-story condo, from $8.5 million for a four-bedroom to $18.9 million for a six-bedroom.
Screen Time: In an episode that’s yet to air, Gumley Haft Kleier’s Michele Kleier and her two daughters, Samantha and Sabrina, reportedly stop in with a client (and crew) to check out an expensive apartment in the development.
Is There a Halo Effect? To be determined, but CBS MoneyWatch and recap every episode, and the series has spawned a Los Angeles spinoff. Kleier has sold two apartments featured in the first season, one on Park Avenue and another at the Gramercy Park Hotel—both to viewers.

The Building: Toren, 150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn
The Show: Flipping Out
Vital Stats: Prices at this ecofriendly condo in downtown Brooklyn start at $299,000 for a studio and go up to $1.495 million for a three-bedroom.
Screen Time: A substantial cameo, including a tour of a three-bedroom by developer Don Capoccia. The scene turns on a mix-up: The star, Jeff Lewis, thinks he may be hired as a consultant, then realizes that Capoccia just wants him to buy and flip.
Is There a Halo Effect?Seems to be minimal so far, though Capoccia says the exposure generated a lot of visits. According to Song, three contracts were signed here in the first half of September, two of them before the building was on Flipping Out.

The Building: The 505, 505 West 47th Street
The Show: The A-List
Vital Stats: Studios, one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms, and penthouses in this 108-unit Hell’s Kitchen condo fall between $425,000 and $2.695 million.
Screen Time: Surprisingly extensive. In one scene in the second episode (aired in October), Amazing Race alumnus Reichen Lemkuhl and his model boyfriend, Rodiney, are house-hunting here, and they kiss after deciding it’s home.
Is There a Halo Effect? The series just premiered last month, and the building was already 70 percent sold, so it’s hard to say. But traffic to the sales office has increased “quite a bit,” says their publicist. Song says visits to the 505’s StreetEasy page rose 9.8 percent in October.

The Building: 515 East 72nd Street
The Show:Double Exposure
Vital Stats:This 365-unit Upper East Side conversion has 50 apartments listed, according to StreetEasy, ranging from $629,000 for a one-bedroom to $5.64 million for a four-bedroom.
Screen Time: Many scenes are in the two apartments where the celebrity photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani live. One episode includes a scene with Lindsay Lohan, who’s lounging on the floor in one of the common areas, picking out shoes.
Is There a Halo Effect? No comment from the developer about the benefits, real or perceived. The season wrapped in July, and traffic to the building’s StreetEasy page has shown no unusual activity since.

Condo-Hopping With the Kardashians