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Yard area: 425 sq. ft.
Address: 451 W. 22nd St., No. 1
This property’s tailor-made for people who want a backyard with low-key upkeep. A third of the yard at this one-bedroom duplex is covered in slate, and the lawn is high-grade artificial turf that’s soft under bare feet and requires only an occasional vacuuming. A Norway maple offers shade. The space is substantial, too: It’s nearly half the size of the apartment.
Price: $1.049 million
Agent: Ivana Tagliamonte, Halstead Property Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Yard area: 680 sq. ft. (approx.)
Address: 267 E. 7th St., No. 1
The skies look that much wider from this sweet East Village spot: No tall buildings are nearby to overshadow it, and the yard has a dogwood and peach and pear trees. It’s in a co-op conversion with five units; only this groundfloor one-bedroom gets the outdoor space, though.
Price: $595,000
Agent: Glenn Schiller, the Corcoran Group Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Yard area: 770 sq. ft. (approx.)
Address: 67-68 Austin St., Forest Hills
The backyard of this three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath was clobbered last year by heavy storms, but it’s since received a complete makeover with the help of a professional landscaper, who planted boxwoods, azaleas, hydrangeas, and an array of other foliage that’ll keep the yard in bloom all summer and into the fall. The house also has a garage, so you’ll have somewhere to stash all the gardening gear.
Price: $689,000
Agent: Josephine Marotta, Laffey Fine Homes Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Yard area: 900 sq. ft. (approx.)
Address: 303 13th St., Park Slope
A chef once owned this wood-and-brick multifamily, planting his own hops and herbs out back. As a result, the yard’s unbelievable for growing stuff: It’s covered in two feet of blended organic compost, Long Island topsoil, peat moss, and pine bark. The pergola is cedar, garlanded by grapevines. Even the outdoor lights were handmade.
Price: $2.15 million
Agent: Joshua Liles, Prudential Douglas Elliman Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Yard area: 985 sq. ft.
Address: 626 W. 147th St.
Behind the gate of this threebedroom house lies a lush quadrangle off the kitchen with pavers, a fountain, a table for four, and a lot of flowers.
Price: $1.875 million
Agent: Leila Yusuf, Stribling and Associates Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Yard area: 1,233 sq. ft.
Address: 114 W. 13th St.
This 1848 house has plenty of fine old details but has been modernized from top to bottom. Off the kitchen, French doors open up to a bluestone backyard lined by planters that lead, via a staircase, to a terrace on the parlor floor. The property was on the market last year and fetched three offers, but (owing to a persuasive tenant) was pulled till now.
Price: $11.995 million
Agent: Vickey Barron, CORE NYC Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Yard area: 100 sq. ft. (approx.)
Address: 313 Clinton Ave., Clinton Hill
A path from this one-bedroom leads to a garden filled with hydrangea, moss and ferns, Japanese maples, and hostas.
Price: $2,800 per month
Agent: Cynthia Butwick, Aguayo & Huebener Realty Group Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Yard area: 600 sq. ft. (approx.)
Address: 312 W. 83rd St., Garden Apartment
The backyard of this one-and-a- half-bedroom is a little bare, but it has the potential to be a showstopper. The landlord is putting in custom trellises; rosebushes and grapevines are already in the ground.
Price: $3,500 per month
Agent: Goran and Kristina Ojdanic, the Corcoran Group Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Yard area: 700 sq. ft.
Address: 44 E. 12th St., No. 2C
A staircase off the living room of this one-bedroom condo leads down to a yard that’s so large a tent was once raised here for a party. Hostas, boxwoods, and a luxuriant maple tree add to the ambience.
Price: $3,995 per month
Agent: Roy Silber, Citi Habitats Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Yard area: 6,500 sq. ft. (approx.)
Address: 285 Coleridge St., Manhattan Beach
A six-bedroom, five-bath three-story with manicured hedges, a lawn that practically begs for a game of croquet, and the Atlantic out back. Who needs the Hamptons?
Price: $16,000 per month
Agent: Ariel Tirosh, Jacob Franco, and Taruna Sharma, Prudential Douglas Elliman Photo: Courtesy of the broker

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