Gather These Around the Fire

Nickel-plated brass andirons, $2,450 at William H. Jackson Company, 18 E. 17th St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 212-753-9400.

Arik Levy cast-aluminum fireplace tools and storage bucket, $320 at Cite, 32 Greene St., nr. Grand St.; 212-431-7272.

Eleven-inch fireplace matches, $7 for 60 at Whisk, 933 Broadway, nr. 21st St.; 212-477-8680.

How to Fake It

If a real fireplace is a pipe dream, consider Crane’s new portable space heater ($90 at Best Buy, 1880 Broadway, at 62nd St.; 212-246-9734). At fifteen inches, it’s compact enough to nestle in the corner of a studio or plop atop a desk in a chilly office. Once on, the cool-to-the-touch heater flashes ambient “roaring embers,” a.k.a. an LED glow over the fake coals, all the while toastily warming 250 square feet.

Gather These Around the Fire