The Sky-Dwellers

Greg Boyd
Attorney, 8 Spruce Street, 51st floor

Did you specifically want to be up high?
In my old building, I looked at a wall about 20 feet away. I could tell when the people across from me were on Facebook. Now I look at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Any disadvantages?
Only Verizon cell phones worked when we moved in. My girlfriend’s still doesn’t.

What’s it like during a storm?
If you shut the lights off, the interior of the apartment will flicker with static electricity.

Do people get jealous?
It’s not even that high—keep in mind, there are twenty-some floors above me. I wouldn’t call it an “on top of the world” feel. People who live ten or more floors up say they can see the clouds below and the stars above.

But not a lot of people get that.
Right. But thousands of people work over the 50th floor in the city. I’m not trying to downplay it—I’m very fortunate—but if you live there for eight months, it doesn’t have the same effect.

Do helicopters fly by?
They absolutely do—they fly even with it.

So they can see if you’re on Facebook?
Well, they’re five blocks away.

Benton Wofford
Consultant, One MiMA Tower, 50th floor

You moved up from the 28th floor—is there a big difference?
A tremendous one! From the 28th floor, I was obstructed from seeing all of southern Manhattan. Now any birds I see are below.

Ever have the urge to drop something out the window?
I haven’t, but my son dropped a Nerf bullet from his Nerf gun. It sort of drifted away from the building, like a falling balloon.

Any downside to living up there?
At rush hour, the elevators. I have to wait for everyone else to get to their floor before I get to mine. And the week we moved in, the power went out, and I had to take the stairs. It wasn’t fun, but it hasn’t happened since.

Do people invite themselves over?
A lot of visitors come in to enjoy our amenities. One day, I was in the gym and Vinny from Jersey Shore was there, and I’m like, You don’t live here.

How about your friends?
In the summertime, I host barbecues—but the building has a terrace for that.

Only the special people get to come up?
The apartment’s not for everyone.

So who’s it for?
Just me and my lady, pretty much.

The Sky-Dwellers