It’s What’s on the Inside (of the Pantry) That Counts

35 West 15th Street
Jill Preschel, the building’s sales and marketing manager, explains that these personalized cabinets are one more way to connect with a buyer and “help them to envision this home as one day being their own.” Visitors are offered fresh-baked cookies, but they can also take from the cupboards. “One person did express a wish for almonds as a healthier option.”

McNulty’s tea: “It’s a ten-minute walk from the sales gallery,” Preschel explains. “Lipton’s wouldn’t fit the profile of our customers.”

Blue Hill jam: “The restaurant is close to the building. They’re very particular in choosing their ingredients—and we’re very particular with our finishes and amenities!”

Tate’s cookies: “They’re big in Southampton, where a lot of 35XV buyers probably spend time in the summer. Some may already have a bag in their own pantry.”

Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps: “Great for people with nut allergies—and a personal favorite.”

The Sterling Mason
71 Laight Street
“Tribeca buyers tend to be worldly, hence the global bent of some of the goodies,” says Douglas Elliman’s Bruce Ehrmann, who’s repping the project. “But they’re also rooted in the neighborhood, especially at Sterling Mason, where about half of purchasers so far already live in Tribeca.”

Bazzini raw-almond butter and roasted-cashew butter: “This was a tribute to Bazzini, the shuttered gourmet grocer still beloved by many Tribeca residents,” Ehrmann says.

Grandaisy Bakery biscotti: “Grandaisy is world-famous for these cookies. And of course, most Tribecans know what Grandaisy is.”

Nutella: “Just because.”

Lavender honey: “It’s crafted. It’s personalized. It’s not just honey—it’s lavender honey.”

It’s What’s on the Inside (of the Pantry) That Counts