100-Person Poll: Kitchen Edition

How big is your kitchen?
Big enough for two people to squeeze into: 58
Positively suburban: 24
About the size of a postage stamp: 7
What kitchen?: 4
“Big enough to eat in.”
“Not as big as I would like.”

I use my kitchen …
To cook one to three times a week: 29
To cook every day: 28
To cook four to five times a week: 22
Just to microwave leftovers and make coffee: 15
Truly never: 2
“Once every three weeks.”

Do you have a dishwasher?
No: 56
Yes: 36

The last time I used my oven was to …
“Bake:” 25
“Store my pots and pans:” 6
“Make lasagna:” 3
“Check that it still worked.”
“Cook a turkey.”
“What’s an oven? Can it make Easy Mac?”
“Make biscotti.”
“Roast potatoes, carrots, and parsnips.”
“Broil a porterhouse.”
“Heat up frozen pizza.”

The last time I saw a mouse in the kitchen was…
Never: 60
“I have cats:” 2
“One week ago.”
“One month ago.”
“Thanksgiving, 2012.”
“Hurricane Sandy.”

Was the kitchen a deciding factor in moving into your current home?
No: 58
Yes: 38
“I don’t cook:” 5
“I just didn’t want one of those dirty eighties kitchens with the cheap cabinets.”
“It was the most important renovation feature for me­—much thought was put into it.”
“How would I cook otherwise?”
“My roommate loves to cook, and I like eating his food.”
“I’m always hungry.”
“It was huge and clean.”
“We have guests over a lot and love to dine in the kitchen.”
“They were all small in my price range.”
“I cared more about light coming into the house than the kitchen.”
“Price was more of a factor than anything.”
“The bathroom was more important for me.”
“You take what you can get.”

The one thing I wish I had in my kitchen was …
A dishwasher:” 13
A blender:” 8
“A colander and a big bowl.”
“More storage.”
“A deep fryer.”
“A soft-serve ice-cream machine.”
“A kegerator.”
“A ceiling fan.”
“More food.”
“A chef.”

My standard “I’ve-got-30-minutes-to-make-dinner meal” is …
“Pasta:” 30
“Mac and cheese:” 4
“Canned salmon and rice.”
“Anything chicken and veggies.”
“Sautéed chickpeas and spinach with cherry tomatoes.”
“Chicken stir-fry.”
“My wife does everything.”
“Hot Pockets.”
“Grilled tofu and steamed veggies, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, zucchini.”
“I’ll order sushi.”
“Whatever I have in my fridge.”
“Appetizer: toasted baguette with sliced meats and room-temperature burrata with olive oil and salt drizzled over. Main: Tortellini with pesto, homemade chicken stock (made over the weekend), and Pecorino Romano.”

What’s in your refrigerator?
“$250 worth of food.”
“Not much, and if anything, it’s probably expired.”
“Almond milk, berries, OJ, veggies, Vitamin Water.”
“Milk, beer, prepared foods, Red Bull—can you tell I just graduated from college?”
“Everything from pickled carrots to pulled pork.”
“A Brita filter.”
“My roommate’s food.”
“Avocados, soy sauce, ketchup, bananas.”
“I don’t know.”

100-Person Poll: Kitchen Edition