On the Market

Price: $48 million
145 Hudson Street, Penthouse
This 7,500-square-foot penthouse atop a prewar industrial building is almost entirely sheathed in glass. With a shell by James Carpenter Design Associates (which also did Time Warner Center’s clear façade), its high-tech glass is UV-coated to protect furniture and art.
Charges and taxes: $12,282 a month.
Brokers: Darren Kearns and Davina Rosenbaum, the Corcoran Group; Heather McDonough and Henry Hershkowitz, Douglas Elliman. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $7.9 million
303 East 57th Street, Penthouse A
The media room of this five-bedroom duplex is practically a greenhouse, and there’s a curvy skylight over the stairs. Many other rooms”the master bedroom, the super-wide living room”catch a lot of rays, too. There’s also a 2,500-square-foot terrace.
Maintenance: $12,000 per month.
Brokers: Anne Z. Easton, Douglas Elliman, and Richard Steinberg, Warburg Realty. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $5.75 million
561 Broadway, Apartment 7AB
Some classic Soho lofts are not as sunny as you’d think”it depends on the street and the neighbors. This 5,000-square-foot co-op has it all, though, thanks to big windows at the back and a series of French doors, framed in old mahogany, at the front.
Maintenance: $6,412 per month.
Broker: Richard Orenstein, Halstead Property. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $4.6 million
314 Hicks Street, Brooklyn Heights
New houses are rarely built in the Heights, and the corner lot means that this one doesn’t have the usual tunnel-like brownstone interior. Because the area is landmarked, the three sides visible from the street have exacting historical detail. Inside, it’s no relic: The core of the house is open, and light streams down the stairwell.
Annual taxes: $18,000 (est.).
Brokers: Kim Soule and Lucy Perry, the Corcoran Group. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $2.6 million
330 Spring Street, Apartment 8A
The building’s called the Urban Glass House, so it’s not surprising that the condos”including this 1,722-square-foot two-bedroom”have a lot of windows. They’re operable, too, which is rare in a glass-wall structure. This apartment faces north and east, so it drinks up morning sun, and there are, for the foreseeable future, no tall buildings nearby to cast shadows.
Charges and taxes: $2,910 per month.
Broker: Suzun Bennet, Town Residential. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $1.3 million
18 West 48th Street, Apartment 27C
The ten-foot windows of this 773-square-foot one-bedroom face south and east, making the most of its prime positioning in the building. (The C-line apartments here are particularly popular.) Every room, including the bathroom, has a view. Creamy marble in the bath and stainless steel in the kitchen reflect back all that light.
Charges and taxes: $1,363 per month.
Broker: Charlotte Van Doren, Stribling & Associates. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $1.24 million
206 Front Street, Penthouse B, Dumbo
Big sheet-glass windows, French doors, and glass roof planes maximize the plentiful light and Manhattan views from the living room of this two-bedroom penthouse. Two big terraces, too (as well as two deeded parking spaces).
Charges and taxes: $1,238 per month
Brokers: Terrence Le Ray and Charles Homet, Halstead Property. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $995,000
586 City Island Avenue, City Island
It’s easy to picture this seven-bedroom Victorian sea captain’s house anywhere else”New Orleans, maybe, or San Francisco. It’s certainly not typical for City Island, the Bronx waterfront enclave. Built in 1876, it’s set back from the sidewalk, allowing sun to stream into its large double-bay windows and French doors. It also has open views of Manhattan and Eastchester Bay.
Annual taxes: $9,900.
Broker: Lance Levine, Douglas Elliman. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $542,000
111 Fourth Avenue, Apartment 5A
This former textile factory has double-height ceilings, making its apartments feel roomy. The paned casement windows are huge, and in this studio with a sleeping loft, they span a whole wall. Though it’s only halfway up the building, it feels like a top-floor apartment.
Maintenance: $756 per month.
Broker: Olof Tenghoff, ROOM Real Estate. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $495,000
35 Mount Morris Park West, Apartment 5C
Every room except the pantry in this 1,500-square-foot Harlem four-bedroom has a window”even the bathrooms. Two caveats: The building is income-restricted (one- to two-person households can’t earn more than $83,700 per year), and the apartment is a fixer-upper.
Maintenance: $1,000 per month.
Broker: Vie Wilson, the Corcoran Group. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $475,000
370 Riverside Drive, Penthouse
The wide picture windows and glass door of this studio”about 240 square feet”help make the most of the wee space. There’s also a 267-square-foot terrace, a built-in sofa with storage, and a Murphy bed, and it’s wired for sound and central air.
Maintenance: $594 per month.
Broker: James Perez, Brown Harris Stevens. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

Price: $299,000
66 Overlook Terrace, Apartment 2O
This junior-four co-op in Hudson Heights”there’s one bedroom and a nook that can be converted to another”sits on a “transitional floor,” with higher ceilings than in most other units in the building. The owner also installed blond-wood French doors between the living room and the dinette, making for a sunny breakfast.
Maintenance: $754 per month.
Brokers: Inna Post and Alla Bares, Bid on the City. Photo: Courtesy of the broker

On the Market