16. Robertasville

Morgantown, Willywick, Bushburg, East Williamsburg—call it what you want, the postindustrial boondocks surrounding Roberta’s restaurant have become a destination unto themselves. The three-year-old experiment in sustainable, hyperlocal eating has attracted a slew of like-minded community builders, among them cooperative performance space Surreal Estate, coffeehouse Little Skips, and quasi-legal apartment galleries Centotto and Norte Maar. “It’s like Williamsburg in 2000, without the real-estate speculators,” says Kenan Gunduz, director of Danbro Studios, future home of DIY concert venue the Wick.

1. Arancini Bros.

940 Flushing Ave.; 718-418-6347

The deep-fried Sicilian rice balls—also a smash at the Hester Street Fair—keep the late-night revelers coming from Wreck Room, the aptly named bar next door.

2. Arepera Guacuco

44 Irving Ave.; 347-305-3300

The vibe is bright and cheery, and the Venezuelan arepas, stuffed with squid, shrimp, and mussels, are delightfully gut-busting.

3. Curbs & Stoops

566 Johnson Ave.; no phone

The converted feather factory is now an arts hub, with five active exhibition spaces and the graffiti-centric Bushwick Chronology Project.

4. Momo Sushi Shack

43 Bogart St.; 718-418-6666

Bozu chef-owner Makoto Suzuki’s restaurant is Tokyo-meets-Brooklyn incarnate: communal tables, allegiance to sustainable foods, and Sapporo on tap.

5. Bushwick Community Darkroom

385 Troutman St.; bushwickcommunitydarkroom.com

A black-and-white basement darkroom charging just $10 per pre-booked hour ($15 if you need instruction).

6. Café Ghia

24 Irving Ave.; 718-821-8806

Opening any minute now, this cozy twenty-seat bistro promises vegan salads, artisanal sandwiches, and daily brunch.

7. Microscope Gallery

4 Charles Pl.; 347-925-1433

The boundary-defying gallery hosts art exhibits, live music, and film screenings.

8. The Narrows

1037 Flushing Ave.; no phone

The unmarked bar pours requisite craft beers, organic wines, and respectably priced cocktails (from $7) made with herbs grown in a roomy backyard.

9. Pine Box Rock Shop

12 Grattan St.; 718-366-6311

A coffin factory turned rollicking pub, complete with a vegan bar, trivia nights, and, starting in May, karaoke.

10. Shops at the Loom

1087 Flushing Ave.; 718-417-1616

Something of an indie mini-mall, housing Brooklyn Yarn & Bakery Café, the Better Than Jam Handmade Co-op, and the Deli & General Store, serving a mean octopus po’ boy.

11. The Sweatshop Rehearsal and Recording Studios

262 Meserole St., second fl.; 718-599-5962

The former Williamsburg recording studio has unveiled a sparkling new facility within the 75,000-square-foot Danbro music complex.

12. Second Stroke Mopeds

1022 Broadway; 347-405-5255

The month-old moped shop specializes in Tomos and other restored vintage two-wheelers.

16. Robertasville