100-Roommate Poll

Current number of roommates:
One roommate: 46
Two roommates: 36
Three roommates: 13
Four or more roommates: 5

How you met:
Already friends: 53
Through a friend of a friend: 20
Craigslist or similar: 17

Is there an alpha roommate?
Yes, me: 27
Yes, them: 25
No: 45
“The cat:” 1

Has a roommate, past or present, done any of the following?
Eaten your food: 87
Gotten drunk and needed help cleaning themselves up: 52
Stiffed you on the bills: 27
Stolen your stuff: 18
Slept with your significant other: 4

Nicest thing a roommate has ever done for you:
“Agreed to move in with my 75-pound, human-aggressive dog.”

Nicest thing you’ve ever done for a roommate:
“Called an ambulance, stayed at the hospital, and then picked him up the next morning.”

“Bought her wine when she broke up with her boyfriend.”

“Taught her how to change a lightbulb.”

Worst thing a roommate has ever done to you:
“Installed a padlock on the outside of her bedroom door.”

“Ironed my lingerie.”

“Let beef stew sit cold in a pot on our stove for two days.”

“Hoarded rotten food from Au Bon Pain.”

“Put a curse on me.”

“Used my razor.”

“Let randos do coke in our living room.”

“Left a used condom in front of the fridge.”

“Had a party and let someone sleep in my bed. He threw up.”

“Drunkenly urinated on himself in the kitchen.”

“Told me that if I didn’t like the cold—our heat was broken and it was 30 degrees outside—I could move the fuck back to Texas.”

Worst thing you’ve ever done to a roommate:
“Ate all their Raisin Bran.”

“Stole their drugs.”

“Loud sex.”

*Not every survey-taker answered every question.

100-Roommate Poll