My SoWill

“Emperador Elias (274 Broadway, nr. Havemeyer St.; 718-388-7784) is an old-school rotisserie with this crazy Mediterranean décor. Their chicken is juicy and awesome, and happy-hour buckets of beer are just $11.95.”—Alla Lapushchik, owner of Post Office

“I like Mishka (350 Broadway, nr. Keap St.; 718-388-1725). It’s a streetwear clothing line really popular with the kids. They do fitted hats, T-shirts, tanks, and toys.”—Farika Joyce, co-owner of Trophy Bar

“I buy all kinds of thread, buttons, and zippers at MH Vacuum & Sewing Machines (344 Roebling St., nr. S. 9th St.; 718-384-0851). The family that runs it often suggests something better than what I was originally looking for.”—Saori Kuno, owner of Rabbits vintage store

“I always get my egg-and-cheese sandwiches at La Villita Bakery (171 Grand St., at Bedford Ave.; 718-486-8761). They have crusty old postapocalyptic wedding cakes in the window, but actually serve good food. It’s like they purposely keep the cakes there to fend off hipsters and yuppies.”—Aaron Pierce, owner of the Trash Bar

“We sit by the river at Grand Ferry Park (Grand St. at River St.) and smoke, drink, cry, and watch the rats climb all over the pier rocks. The prostitutes are gone now—but folks still gather to watch the sunset.”—CC McGurr, owner of Le Grand Strip

My SoWill