The Open-House Log

Two-bedroom, one-bath, 998-square-foot co-op.
Asking Price: $759,000.
Maintenance: $950 per month.
Broker: Amy LaPeters, Halstead.

Who: Avital Weill, student, and Philippe Zylberg, attorney (pictured).
What are you shopping for?
We’ve been looking on the Upper West Side. We have to have a closed kitchen …
Avital: And light.

What do you think?
Strong colors, huh?
P: It’s on track with what we want. The closets are good—there are three [just] in the foyer … The bedrooms were a bit small.
A: I just didn’t feel it.
P: It’s not a knockout.

Who: Michele Riggio, communications officer for Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.
What are you shopping for? A two-bedroom on the Upper East or Upper West Side.
What do you think? It’s okay, but we want a closed kitchen—we cook a lot and don’t like the smell. Ideally, if it’s L-shaped, we could create a third bedroom—I’m pregnant, and we don’t want to have to move again if we have more.

Who: Stephanie Astic George, event producer, and Chris George, TV director.
What are you shopping for?
This is the first apartment we’ve looked at.
Chris: We want a nice-size two-bedroom. We like prewar, but we’re open.
What do you think?
The [rooms] are long, but they’re too narrow. They need to empty the rooms out and paint them Navajo white … Our ideal [has a] garden to barbecue.
S: What we’ll actually get? That’s the question.

The Open-House Log