The Ex-Wives Club

Wife No. 1
Faith Golding
Married: 18 years
Children: 4
Met her when she was 17, borrowed money from her to start his buyout empire, and split from her over his affair with a florist.
Settlement total:$8 million

Wife No. 2
Claudia Cohen
Married: 9 years
Children: 1
The gossip journalist introduced him to fashionable society, where he met, among other people, the alluring Patricia Duff.
Settlement total:$80 million

Wife No. 3
Patricia Duff
Married: 18 months
Children: 1
The fierce custody battle over daughter Caleigh, which Perelman won, lasted roughly twice as long as the marriage.
Settlement total:$30 million

Wife No. 4
Ellen Barkin
Married: 5 years
Children: none
The romance began at an Oscar party in 1999; Perelman filed for divorce in January.
Settlement total:$60 million, according to a friend of Perelman’s; $20 million, according to a friend of Barkin’s

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The Ex-Wives Club