A Griller Gets Grilled

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The Chef
Adriano Borgna

Serves 4-6

Selection of sausages—pork, lamb, chicken—preferably the same thickness, about 3/4-inch
Focaccia, sliced in half, horizontally

Cooking Instructions
Align the same kind of sausage in coils or lined up on a surface. Thread a flat metal skewer through the sausage until 1 1/2 inches of the pointed end of the skewer shows. Repeat with a second skewer parallel to the first, about 1 inch apart. Place the sausage skewers over hot coals. Set the focaccia on a large serving platter on the side of the grill. Each time the sausages are turned on the grill, place them between the focaccia halves and squeeze the sausages gently so that the dripping juices are absorbed into the focaccia. Repeat until the sausages have taken on a good color, about 5 minutes. Toward the end of the grilling, place the focaccia on the grill to warm.
Cut the focaccia in small morsels, cut the sausages in bite-size pieces, and serve in the platter with bamboo skewers.