Chef’s Choice

Illustrations by Ricardo Vecchio

MICHAEL WHITE, executive chef, Alto.
Crispy watercress salad at Sripraphai
I’m a regular and go at least once a week. This is what I crave all the time. It’s one of the greatest dishes I’ve ever had in NYC.

SOTOHIRO KOSUGI, chef and owner, Soto.
Calamari pad woon sen at Chelsea Thai Wholesale
It’s a family-owned restaurant; they maintain quality and ingredients, and they don’t charge too much. The consistency is wonderful.

JOËL ROBUCHON, chef and owner, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon.
Pastrami sandwich at Carnegie Deli
Le sandwich au pastrami de chez Carnegie Deli. Le pastrami est très bon, les sandwichs sont énormes.

GINA DEPALMA, pastry chef, Babbo.
Dosa Cart at Washington Square Park
It’s around 5 or 6 bucks for a great meal. You can smell the dosas being made if you happen to walk by—that’s how I discovered them. The smell of the Indian spices is enticing. It’s a very generous portion, and they’re filling. It takes a while to eat—you’re occupied for half an hour trying to get it all down.

ALDO SOHM, wine director, Le Bernardin.
Gnocchi all’ amatriciana at Bar Stuzzichini
I like the gnocchi at Bar Stuzzichini. Normally, I hate to eat gnocchi, because 90 percent of the time they’re hard or chewy; you can use them as a weapon. These gnocchi are so soft. They are really, really good.

David Carmichael, pastry chef, Gilt .
Buffalo chicken fingers at Annie Moore’s
I like the buffalo chicken fingers with a side of blue-cheese dip and hot sauce at an Irish pub called Annie Moore’s outside of Grand Central. It costs about $8.75. They’re awesome. There’s no messing around—it’s all spice and meat.

Chef’s Choice