My Favorite Pizza

“That new place, Co., in Chelsea. It’s open, light, airy, and the pizza’s very inventive.”
—Richard Meier, architect

Café Fiorello. It’s flat and thin-crusted. I put broccoli rabe on it.”
—Donna Karan, fashion designer

“Oh my God, I’m an actress. I haven’t had a slice of pizza since I was 12.”
—Jane Krakowski, actress

Eliot SpitzerPhoto: Patrick McMullan

“City Market Café on Madison Avenue. Great pizza and panini; quick delivery and the kids love it.”
—Eliot Spitzer, ex-governor

“Una Pizza Napoletana. The marinara.”
—Tom Colicchio, chef

Lucali in Brooklyn. You have to wait on line forever for this freaking pizza, but it’s so good.”
—Rosie Perez, actress

“The best five-minute slice is the white slice at Nino’s, on St. Marks and A.”
—David Cross, actor

Danilo GallinariPhoto: Getty Images

“The pizza del Re at Kesté Pizza & Vino. Just trust me.”
—Danilo Gallinari, Knicks forward

“The cold potato or zucchini pizza at Grandaisy Bakery on Broadway and 72nd is fantastic.”
—Tony Kushner, playwright

Café Centosette, near my house. With kalamata olives and spicy salami.”
—Chloë Sevigny, actress

John TurturroPhoto: Getty Images

Grimaldi’s, under the Brooklyn Bridge.”
—John Turturro, actor

Vezzo and Gruppo, which are by the same owner. The pizzas are super-thin, so you don’t feel like you’re being bad.”
—Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef host

Don Giovanni. Great sauce. Great ingredients. A very thin, crispy crust.”
—Debbie Harry, singer

“The Tartufata pizza at Gnocco on 10th Street at Avenue B. It’s got truffle oil, mushrooms, and you can have speck.”
—Alan Cumming, actor

“Famous Famiglia on Amsterdam Ave. The crust is thinner than the mayor’s five-borough economic plan.”
—Bill Thompson, city comptroller

“Cascarino’s in Queens, where I live.”
—Jose Reyes, Mets shortstop

Joey ChestnutPhoto: Getty Images

“Gruppo in the East Village. I usually order one of their house pies, the ChixPotle, complete with shredded chicken.”
—Joey Chestnut, competitive eater

Angelo’s Pizza on West 57th Street. I go for a classic: Pepperoni, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, with a few pieces of fresh basil on a blackened, thin crust.”
—Henry Kravis, investor

Alex McCordPhoto: Getty Images

“The best pizza in the world is the pizza in our house. We are obsessive pizza-makers.”
—Alex McCord, reality-show star

Lombardi’s. I like pizza as straight as can be—sauce and cheese.”
—Jerry Della Femina, advertising executive

Big Nick’s Burger and Pizza Joint. They make a soy-cheese, whole-wheat-crust broccoli pizza that’s fantastic.”
—Bob Balaban, actor

“I’m still a classic John’s. Basic Margherita, basic cheese.”
—Dana Delany, actress

“I get a regular large pie at Di Fara Pizza and stand in line like everyone else.”
—Al Harrington, Knicks forward

Patsy’s Pizzeria on West 74th and Columbus. They have great service and a great thin-crust pie.”
—Chris Drury, Rangers center

“Halal Pizza, near Madison Square Garden. It’s open 24 hours—perfect after you hit some of that New York City nightlife.”
—Michael Strahan, Fox football analyst

My Favorite Pizza