Burger Kings

Stand Burger $9 Stand
The signature burger here is seasoned with tasty herbs and served with sweet fried pickles. My daughter Jane considers it the best in town.

El Doble $11 Txikito
Alex Raij layers this beautifully proportioned double burger with an ingenious sauce and melty deposits of smoked sheep’s cheese from the Basque country.

Artisanal Blend $13 Bar Artisanal
This classically chaste burger creation (a mix of short rib and chuck) is garnished with house-made rémoulade and served on a fresh brioche.

The Yankee $14 DBGB Kitchen and Bar
The most classic of Daniel Boulud’s new crop of tricked-out haute burgers. Top it with Vermont cheddar and smoked bacon for maximum effect.

8 Oz. burger $14 Table 8 at the Cooper
Square Hotel

L.A. burger master Govind Armstrong tops his creations with a faintly sweet “special sauce” for singularly tasty results.

Cheeseburger $15 Irving Mill
Ryan Skeen has left the building, but his inspired Meathead creation lives on. This delicious beef bomb is succulent, beautifully charred, and perfectly sized.

BB Burger $16 Bar Breton
Cyril Renaud is the latest lapsed gourmet chef to enter the haute-burger wars. Enjoy it with a twirl of crunchy fries.

Black Label Burger $26 Minetta Tavern
Who pays $26 for a hamburger? Mrs. Platt, that’s who. She says, You get what you pay for. She’s probably right.

Minetta Burger $16 Minetta Tavern
Then again, there are those who insist the Black Label is an overhyped, faux-burger freak show. Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson’s standard burger, they say, is better.

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Photographs: Sophie Finkelstein (Table 8, Bar Artisanal, Stand); Yannique Hall (Bar Breton, Minetta Tavern); Melissa Hom (Irving Mill, Txikito); Thomas Schauer (DBGB)

Burger Kings