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Eat Cheap 2009

On these pages, you’ll find our ninth annual roundup of new restaurants that prove that savory (spicy lamb pie), toothsome (buttery hot biscuits), addictive (rich chocolate pudding) foods need not be pricey—and that the city’s cheap-eats universe is ever expanding. And speaking of universes: See our definitive, comprehensive primer to arguably the biggest bang in New York food this year, the Neapolitan-pizza revolution.

New York's Pizza Revolution
A Neopolitan Revolution

The definitive handbook to today's New York pizza landscape and a primer on the biggest thing to happen to that scene since delivery.

The Vanguard

Our list of the city's top twenty pies of the moment. Besides the great slice, we pay homage to artisinal-crafted pies.

Five More Worth Noting

Full Pizza Guide

Chairman Anthony

A day at the office with the supreme obsessive, Una Pizza Napoletana's Anthony Mangieri.

Full Pizza Guide

The Rest of Cheap Eats 2009
The Cheap List

Our ninth annual roundup of new restaurants that offer maximum deliciousness and minimal wallet stress.

Burger Kings

The best of the bunch in a town suddenly overrun by beef.

Scary CheapThe Happiest Hour

End the day with one—or more—of these lip-smacking new concoctions, all $8 or less.

Heaven on Bread

Adam Platt picks the nine best sandwiches from a classic báhn mì to an iconic Brooklyn favorite.

Cheap Seats

One way to build business in a down year: Turn your dormant banquet space into a separate restaurant, with a cheaper menu.

Scary CheapGrub Street National

At the new, read about 200 of America’s best burgers, the five toughest reservations in the country, and daily food news from New York, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia.