The Longest (Two) Yards

Photo: Tom Schierlitz

Porchetta’s Sara Jenkins’s Mediterranean Hoagie
Slice a six-foot Grandaisy Bakery (73 Sullivan St.; 212-334-9435) pizza bianca down the middle, rather than in half, and spread one side with violet mustard (from Trufette, 104 Ave. B; 212-505-5813). Dab lightly, or to taste, with harissa. Arrange a pound of sliced prosciutto over the bread in a double layer. (“I like to get it from Faicco’s,” says Jenkins. “They know how to slice.”) Top with 1/2 pound sliced soppressata. With a vegetable peeler, shave 3/4 pound provolone piccante over the meat. Top with six large marinated artichoke hearts, sliced in half. Combine 1 1/2 to 2 pounds of marinated peppers of your choosing (Jenkins used a mixture of hot Greek peppers, Peppadews, and piquillos), and arrange them whole on the sandwich, then top with bread.

Zakary Pelaccio and Cabrito’s David Schuttenberg’s Supersize Cemita
Slice a six-foot semolina hero roll (available by preorder from Royal Crown, 6308 Fourteenth Ave., Bensonhurst; 718-234-3208) in half lengthwise, and spread 1 quart refried beans on both sides. Cover bottom side with 1/2 cup fresh papalo leaves (optional). Combine pulled pork* with chipotle sauce*, spread on sheet tray, and top with 2 pounds sliced queso Oaxaca. Bake meat-and-cheese mixture in a 300-degree oven until the pork is warm and the cheese is bubbly. Arrange the mixture on the bread, then top with 3 heads shredded iceberg lettuce and 3 sliced avocados. Close sandwich and slice. *For complete recipe, go here; the hero may be ordered from Cabrito, where Pelaccio is a partner (50 Carmine St.; 212-929-5050), for $180, 72 hours’ notice required.

’ino’s Jason Denton’s Pigskin Panino
Spread both sides of a six-foot-long ciabatta from Blue Ribbon Bakery Market (available by preorder, 14 Bedford St.; 212-647-0408), with a thin coat of lemon mayo (1½ cups homemade or Hellmann’s mayo, puréed with 15 to 20 sun-dried tomatoes and 4 tablespoons lemon juice). Cover one side with 25 thin slices of unsalted smoked mozzarella, then sprinkle with kosher salt. Apply about 1 1/2 cups of relish (2 sliced red onions submerged in equal parts water and red-wine vinegar, marinated overnight in a quart container, combined with 15 pickled red and green cherry peppers, seeded and roughly chopped). Sprinkle with black pepper, then top with two cups baby arugula. Layer 1 pound sliced soppressata and 1½ pounds sliced coppa, arranged at an angle and slightly overlapping. Lightly sprinkle with salt once again, then close hero. Let the flavors mingle a while, then slice and serve. Available at ’ino, $25 a foot; order by February 1.

Jason Denton Makes His Pigskin Panino

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The Longest (Two) Yards