Green Cuisine

1. Savoy: A locavore long before the term was coined, Savoy chef-owner Peter Hoffman stocks his Mediterranean-accented menu with sustainable fish, grass-fed meats, biodynamic wines, and Greenmarket produce that he transports via his signature wagon-hitched bike. His Soho kitchen has graduated a new breed of like-minded chefs, from the Grocery’s Charles Kiely to Franny’s Andrew Feinberg (70 Prince St., at Crosby St.; 212-219-8570).

2. Blue Hill: Dan Barber is like Michael Pollan with an immersion circulator. He’s as passionate about changing the way we think about food as he is about slow-poaching an egg. With two working farms in his family (Westchester’s Stone Barns and another in the Berkshires), no chef knows where his food comes from better than he does (75 Washington Pl. nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-539-1776).

3. Franny’s: Franny’s is so proud of the provenance of its local, seasonal, sustainable ingredients, it lists them on the back of its menu, a practice that comes off as more of a tribute than a gimmick. Furthermore, the coffee is Fair Trade, the energy is renewable, the kitchen grease is converted into biodiesel, and a recent edition of the restaurant newsletter featured a primer on home composting (295 Flatbush Ave., nr. Prospect Pl., Prospect Heights; 718-230-0221).

4. The Green Table: Given the name, and owner Mary Cleaver’s devotion to sustainable agriculture, it’s no surprise that the menu here is one big love letter to local family farms, organic ingredients, grass-fed beef, and pastured pork and poultry. Even the customers are treated humanely (75 Ninth Ave., at 15th St.; 212-741-6623).

5. Birdbath: All the ingredients at Maury Rubin’s bakery are organic, but that’s only half the story. The shop—there’s one in the East Village, too—is wind-powered, the walls are made from wheat, the floor from reclaimed wood. Don’t feel bad about the coffee grounds: they’re composted every day. And, perhaps to discourage anyone from going on a cookie run in a Hummer, you get a 25 percent discount if you show up on a bike or skateboard (145 Seventh Ave. S., at Charles St.; 646-722-6570).

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