Sandwich Evolution

Old: Wonder bread
New: Sullivan St Bakery’s ciabatta piccolo

Old: Boar’s Head boiled ham
New: Benton’s hickory-smoked country ham

Old: Hebrew National Genoa salami
New: Salumeria Biellese hot soppressata

Old: Oscar Mayer bacon
New: Burger’s Smokehouse jowl bacon

Old: Skippy creamy peanut butter
New: Koeze Cream-nut natural peanut butter

Old: Kraft American cheese
New: Cabot clothbound Cheddar cheese

Old: Iceberg lettuce
New: Pickled daikon

Old: Supermarket tomato
New: Eckerton Hill Farm heirloom Brandywine tomato

Old: Pickles
New: Pickled jalapeños

Old: Hellmann’s mayonnaise
New: Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise

Old: Heinz ketchup
New: Sriracha

Old: Potato chips on the side
New: Potato chips in the sandwich

Sandwich Evolution