Photo: Hannah Whitaker. Illustrations: John Burgoyne

With Thanksgiving out of the way but not forgotten, and Christmas and Hanukkah looming, you could probably use a drink. We recommend this winterized Caipirinha, made with fresh cranberries, by the folks at Ideya Latin Bistro. The deliciously tart berries, pictured, are a native heirloom variety from an old Massachusetts bog, and are available in limited supplies at Greenmarket’s Breezy Hill Orchard stand.

Ideya’s Cranberry Caipirinha

1 or 2 lime wedges (to taste)
1 small orange wedge
10 cranberries
1 tbs. brown sugar
1 oz. fresh lime juice
1.5 oz. aged cachaça (available at Astor Wines & Spirits)

(1) Place the lime, orange, and cranberries in a mixing glass. Add the sugar and muddle with the fruit. Fill a rocks glass with cracked ice and transfer the ice to the mixing glass. (2) Add the lime juice and the cachaça, and shake well. (3) Pour everything, including all the muddled fruit from the shaker, into the rocks glass and serve.