Snacker’s Row

1. ’wichcraft

60 E. 8th St., nr. Broadway; 212-780-0577

Tom (Craft) Colicchio’s slowly proliferating sandwich empire features brilliant takes on timeworn classics like grilled cheese, tuna, salami, even peanut butter and jelly.

2. Chipotle

55 E. 8th St., nr. Broadway; 212-982-3081

Say what you will about evil fast-food chains, this one stuffs a pretty good burrito. If only the tortilla were better.

3. Pio Maya

40 W. 8th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-254-2277

This tiny taquería purveys tasty Mexican fare like double-tortilla tacos, sopes, and two styles of tamales, plus juicy rotisserie chicken.

4. Mon Repas

50 W. 8th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-254-0787

This brand-new wafflery serves two types of waffles and, for variety’s sake, crêpes.

5. Choux Factory

58 W. 8th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-473-4015

In the footsteps of Beard Papa comes this Japanese shop specializing in irresistible, piped-to-order cream puffs.

Snacker’s Row