Cold Tomato

1. Beppe

45 E. 22nd St., nr. Park Ave. S.; 212-982-8422

As part of his olive-oil tasting dinner on August 11, chef Marc Taxiera serves heirloom tomatoes and basil in tomato water.

2. Suba

109 Ludlow St., nr. Delancey St.; 212-982-5714

Between August 13 and August 27, Suba commemorates a Spanish tomato festival with a special menu and the UnBloody Mary: Potocki vodka and tomato water in a white-pepper-rimmed glass.

3. Savoy

70 Prince St., at Crosby St.; 212-219-8570

Peter Hoffman celebrates nightshades in all their late-summer glory throughout August, with a four-course vegetarian menu and the Belladonna cocktail (potato vodka, spicy tomato water, and pickled shishito peppers).

Cold Tomato