Counter Offers

1. Oyster Bar

Grand Central Terminal, 42nd St. and Vanderbilt Ave.; 212-490-6650

They’ve been serving oyster pan roasts at the counter since way before Joël was born.

2. Spice Market

403 W. 13th St., at Ninth Ave.; 212-675-2322

You’re so close to the action at this ingeniously designed dining bar with its cutout nooks, they should give you an apron.

3. Hearth

403 E. 12th St., at First Ave.; 646-602-1300

The most coveted seats are at “the Pass,” the dining bar facing Marco Canora’s kitchen.

4. Degustation

239 E. 5th St., nr. Second Ave.; 212-979-1012

Every seat in the house has a great view of the open kitchen where Wesley Genovart flits about like a young Iron Chef.

5. Room 4 Dessert

17 Cleveland Pl., at Lafayette St.; 212-941-5405

Have something sweet here after a meal at Degustation for the ultimate downtown counter-dining experience.

Counter Offers