Have Dinner With an Old Flame

1. The Waverly Inn

16 Bank St., at Wavery Pl.; no (useful) phone

Graydon Carter’s snug little boîte may not be officially “open,” but that doesn’t mean persistent scenesters can’t have a nice fireside dinner there and pay for the privilege.

2. Per Se

10 Columbus Cir., at 60th St.; 212-823-9335

When Gordon Ramsay recently called Per Se “clinical,” Thomas Keller tut-tutted, “We have a natural-wood fireplace, wood and leather.”

3. Molly’s Shebeen

287 Third Ave., nr. 22nd St.; 212-889-3361

A fine Irish pub with a toothsome burger and a cozy hearth.

4. Savoy

70 Prince St., at Crosby St.; 212-219-8570

On occasion, they even cook dinner in the restaurant’s upstairs fireplace.

5. Keens Steakhouse

72 W. 36th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-947-3636

They don’t roast the mutton over the pub-room fire, but don’t let that stop you from paying a visit.

Have Dinner With an Old Flame