Braise Days

1. Village

62 W. 9th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-505-3355

Chef-owner Stephen Lyle braises nearly everything in sight, including pork shanks, lamb neck, beef cheeks, and chicken legs for the restaurant’s Braise Fest, November 14 through December 5.

2. Craft

43 E. 19th St., nr. Park Ave. S.; 212-780-0880

The much-discussed menu is divided by cooking method, including categories for braised fish, meat, and vegetables.

3. Ouest

2315 Broadway, nr. 84th St.; 212-580-8700

Tom Valenti’s braised lamb shank is nearly as widely loved as Katz’s pastrami.

4. Babbo

110 Waverly Pl., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-777-0303

What Valenti is to braised lamb shanks, Mario Batali is to braised beef cheeks.

Braise Days