The Ten Best Dishes Under $10

Illustration: Andy Friedman

Pork Sandwich With Broccoli Raab and Provolone
Tony Luke’s
The broccoli raab gives this porky confection the illusion of healthfulness.

Three Terrine Sandwich
Momofuku Ssäm
Ham, headcheese, and chicken-liver paté on a crunchy baguette.

square slice with wild onions
Di Fara’s Pizza
Dominic Di Fara is one of the last of the old-school pizza masters.

Shake Shack
Still the great yuppie hamburger, though possibly not worth a twelve-hour wait.

Spicy Fish “Pescado” Taco
Pampano Taqueria
The closest you’ll get in Manhattan to the taco stands of Acapulco.

Vietnamese Bánh Mi
Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches
Still the place to go for that classic Southeast Asian delicacy.

Fatty Duck
Fatty Crab
Zak Pelaccio’s ode to the pleasures of fat and crispiness.

Fried Chicken
Charles Southern Style Kitchen
It’s skillet-fried, by the master himself. Have the thigh.

Smoked Sturgeon Sandwich
Blue Ribbon Bakery Market
All the sandwiches are good; this happens to be our favorite.

Meatball Sandwich
Frankies Spuntino17 Clinton Street
Meatballs the way your grandmother probably never made them.

The Ten Best Dishes Under $10