Best Food Under $10

Illustration by Serge Bloch

Pork Sandwich
Porchetta ($9)
A dissertation on the pleasures of crackly roasted pork, squeezed into a fresh ciabatta bun.

Duck Sandwich
Vanessa’s Dumplings ($2.25)
This duck-and-scallion monster is cheaper than David Chang’s famous version, and three times as large.

Double Shack Burger
Shake Shack ($7.25)
Ounce for ounce, the best deal in the ever-expanding burger galaxy.

Prosperity Dumpling ($8 per bag of 50 frozen)
During hard times, this little stand on Eldridge Street keeps the Platt girls fed for a month.

Sicilian Slice
Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery ($3.50)
The eponymous, much-hyped artichoke pie is, to my mind, a sludgy mess. This thick-crusted, deep-dish slice is a work of art.

House-Smoked BLT
Char No. 4 ($9)
A state-of-the art version of this timeless delicacy, made with braised pork belly, pickled tomatoes, and romaine.

Torta Ahogada
La Superior ($7.50)
Spicy vats of pork and melted cheese ladled over sourdough. Eat half of it and you’ll be set for a week.

Country Ham Biscuit
Egg ($7.50)
The gratifying Williamsburg breakfast classic is made with Kentucky ham, Grafton Cheddar, and a spoonful of artisanal fig jam.

Shopsin’s ($10)
Three generous burgers smothered in cheese and onions: ten bucks. The lunacy of Kenny Shopsin: priceless.

Best Food Under $10