Best Cocktails

Illustration by Serge Bloch

Aguacate and Mezcal
This inventive avocado slushy is spiked with Scorpion mezcal, among other things. At just $7.50, it’s the best lethal bargain in town.

Seven Herbs
What exactly are the herbs in Albert Trummer’s cool, eminently smooth, Bond-like gin concoction? After two sips, you won’t care.

Butternut and Falernum
Eben Freeman’s delicious rum classic is infused with butternut squash and sprinkled with nutmeg.

Death in the Afternoon
White Star
This diabolical combination of absinthe and Champagne is perhaps the most aptly named drink in cocktail history.

Mexican Firing Squad
This delirium-inducing mix of Don Julio tequila and pomegranate juice is the second most aptly named drink in cocktail history.

Best Cocktails