Best Desserts

Illustration by Bella Foster

Eton Mess
The Breslin Bar & Dining Room
A grandiose compilation of classic English-pudding goodness, served with appropriate ceremony in a trough-size bowl.

Lemon Tart
Locanda Verde
Karen DeMasco produces the most lemony of all lemon tarts and tops it inventively with buttermilk gelato.

Figs and Honey
This simple, immaculately soothing dessert tastes like it’s been beamed directly from a sunbaked piazza in Rome.

The Deal Closer
The Standard Grill
This industrial-size vat of chocolate mousse and whipped cream will put meat on the bones of even the most emaciated hipster.

1,000-Year-Old Ice-Cream Sandwich
Xie Xie
This ingenious play on an ancient Chinese delicacy has a dark caramel center and a cookie crust leavened with cocoa nibs.

Best Desserts