The Five Most Influential Restaurants of the Past Six Years

Illustrations by Jesse Lenz

Momofuku Ko
David Chang got the idea of an elite tasting atelier from the Japanese, but it’s grown like wildfire in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Minetta Tavern
Thanks to Keith McNally, boutique steaks are all the rage, and there’s an overpriced, signature haute burger on every menu in town.

The Little Owl
At this little West Village bistro, Joey Campanaro served what was arguably the city’s first iconic pork chop and perfected the meatball slider.

Locanda Verde
For years, chefs have tried to combine the style of a French brasserie with Italian home cooking. Andrew Carmellini cracked the code.

ABC Kitchen
Just as he once did with fusion cooking, Jean-Georges Vongerichten has made locavorism the rage in haute chef circles.

The Five Most Influential Restaurants of the Past […]