The Five Best New Chefs

Illustration by Jean Jullien
Photo: Courtesy of the chef

Matthew Lightner
When most of his colleagues are hunkered down, playing it safe, it’s refreshing to see a cook shoot for the stars and succeed.

Photo: Boru O’Brien O’Connell/New York Magazine

Carlo Mirarchi
With his own high-profile kitchen, this former outer-borough underground legend enters the big time.

Photo: Noe Dewitt/Courtesy of Il Buco

Justin Smillie
Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria
There are pasta wizards in this town, and there are accomplished meat cooks. Smillie is that rare young chef who is both.

Photo: Daniel Krieger

Joseph Ogrodnek and Walker Stern
This inspired Brooklyn tag team proves that every once in a while, two cooks in the kitchen are better than one.

Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

Andy Ricker
Pok Pok Ny
The James Beard winner isn’t really a New York chef, or new. But we’re glad to have him in town.

The Five Best New Chefs