The Ten Trends We’re Done With

Illustration by Graham Roumieu

Pretentious Throwback Restaurants
Minetta Tavern worked. The hordes of imitators that followed generally have not.

$70 Chicken Dinners for Two
Roast country chicken is a wonderful thing, but these prices are insane.

Mexican Coke
C’mon, bro chefs, it’s not that much better than the real thing.

Uni Madness
Chefs are slathering this sushi delicacy on everything from steaks to tuna to marrow bones. What’s next, uni doughnuts?

The Pre-Appetizer “Snack” Course
Like “sides” and “vegetables,” this rapidly mutating menu trend has become an exercise in bill padding.

Seasonal, Artisanal Cocktails
The less fruit in a cocktail the better, and no, we don’t like housemade artisanal bitters either.

Gourmet-Pickle Plates
This maddening trend probably made last year’s list (and possibly the year before that). I don’t care.

Mismatched Heirloom Silverware
I know foraging is chic, but if I’m paying $100 for my dinner, is it too much to ask to eat with a matching knife and fork?

Barbecue Joints
What once was a charming, homey anachronism has now become an outright plague.

Restaurant Bouncers/Doormen
Platt’s rule is simple: If there’s a doorman outside, it’s not a restaurant, it’s a club.

The Ten Trends We’re Done With