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The Best New Chefs

Illustrations by Murphy Lippincott  

Markus Glocker
This talented refugee from the crumbling Gordon Ramsay empire has found a kitchen to call his own at Bâtard and a worthy patron in Drew Nieporent.

Elise Kornack
At her tiny Carroll Gardens atelier Take Root, Kornack produces the kind of polished, passionate “vegetable forward” cooking that even the most jaded carnivore can love.

Ivan Orkin
After diligently perfecting the high art of ramen, this itinerant New York chef has returned home in a blaze of glory with Ivan Ramen.

Emma Bengtsson
Like other lapsed pastry chefs who’ve found fame on the savory side of the kitchen, Aquavit’s latest star cook has a talent for plating, precision, and thinking outside the proverbial gourmet box.

Enrique Olvera
New York is treacherous turf for out-of-town superstars, but this world-renowned chef from Mexico City did his homework before attempting to conquer Manhattan, and the corn tortillas alone are worth a special trip to Cosme.