Dress (for Success) Codes
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The Madison Avenue offices of DDB New York tip quite clearly toward the casual—confetti tiles and movie-theater seats decorate the lobby. Not only is there a putting green, but there's also a pool table and the odd ball bouncing by. Creativity, it seems, comes when one is laid-back, and the (lack of a) dress code reflects that. "I always tell them, 'Dress for your next job,' " says extremely natty chairman Bob Kuperman, shaking his head a bit sadly. "And you can see how far that goes."

John Staffen, 40
(pictured, far left) "This is as dressed up as I get," says the creative director.

James Bray, 29
(pictured, on the floor) The copywriter owns one pair of black pants for special occasions.

Karen Evra, 26
(pictured, center) The associate producer lives in H&M. "I dress up a little bit. No shorts!"

Bob Kuperman, 60
(pictured, far right) The jacket (custom Zegna, please) is always on the CEO.
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Photographed by Gavin Bond.