Dress (for Success) Codes

The Architects

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The sunny Tenth Avenue loft that houses architect Richard Meier's firm is bustling yet silent, like something from the future, where architects of many nations collaborate in hushed tones, and everyone is color-coordinated in a sleek, inoffensive palette of black, white, and the occasional gray. They seem like just the archetype of workers who would occupy the minimalist spaces of Meier's soaring, bright buildings, which is to say they seem unfailingly modern. "Architects don't like to be distracted by their clothing," explains Lisetta Koe. "But there's definitely an effort by everyone to be part of the team and to adopt the aesthetic which is so important in an architect's office, and Richard's quite known for his use of white. So white and black are a natural. The classic thing is a dark pair of pants and a white shirt."

The Director of Communications, Lisetta Koe
(pictured, far left) "If I wear a T-shirt, it has to be the perfect fabric and very precise in its fit and its design. It would not be Hanes."

The Architect, Carl Shenton
(pictured, center) "I dress like a minimalist. I am a minimalist. Quite a few people here are, you know. That's what we do."

The Principal, Richard Meier
(pictured, far right) "I think there is, in fact, a dress code, but no one needs to look at it. White is the color for shirts, and suits are dark."
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Photographed by Gavin Bond.