Dress (for Success) Codes

The Corporate Lawyers
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  The Shoes
  The Sweater
  The Casual Look
Five years ago, all of the lawyers at Greenberg Traurig wore suits. Every day. And then there were casual Fridays, and then, one fall, khaki pants and open necks became an everyday affair. But managing partner Richard A. Rosenbaum is getting ready to go back. "We are not here to make a fashion statement," he says. "We are here to make clients feel comfortable. More and more clients want to see their lawyers in suits."

The Corporate Associate, 4th year
Marie Christine Amy, 28, picks neutral colors from Ann Taylor. "You just want to look together."

The Managing Partner
Richard A. Rosenbaum, 48. "Dark suit, white shirt, red tie is the power look. And custom. We have tailors come here."

The Corporate Associate, 6th year Nitin Khakee, 32.
"I bought a Cartier watch as a summer associate. Partners have Breitlings and Rolexes."
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Photographed by Gavin Bond.