Dress (for Success) Codes
Designer Publicists
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So what's hot at Weintraub Siegal Coleman Cohen Group, the publicists' publicists? "It depends on the day of the week," sighs Harriet Weintraub, the ever-chic founder of the firm who is never—but never—casually dressed. "When we see somebody with something great, everybody wants it." For the older staff, old-fashioned dictates concerning suits, heels, and immaculate hair still apply. They look perpetually dressed for lunch—at Swifty'’s or La Goulue. For the younger employees, jeans are okay, as long as they're by Seven or Paper Denim. But a few things cross all lines with a unified, urgent longing. "If you lined up all of our shoes across the office," says Weintraub, "you would see all heels." "Manolos," says Peggy Siegal. And then there are the bags. "Hermès," says Weintraub, brandishing her Birkin. "Hermès," Virginia Coleman confirms, shaking hers. "Always."

Liz Cohen, 33 (pictured, far left)
"I don't wear suits. From time to time, though, I will wear my Helmut Lang." Cohen is in Language pants and sweater, and a jacket by Chloé.

Peggy Siegal (pictured, on table)
"These are fashion mavens. The pressure is intense around here." Siegal rises to the occasion in (what else?) Manolos and Blass.

Jennifer Raines, 29 (pictured, third from left)
"Two things: I would never leave the house not dressed for day into night. That means black, and that means heels." Raines's top is by Tyler.

Virginia Coleman (pictured, fourth from left)
"I'm very simple. The Blass suit and the Manolos. Every day."

Jami Weissman, 26 (pictured, fifth from left)
"We have the most amazing dermatologist. She can help with it all, no matter what age you are."

Harriet Weintraub (pictured, sitting on chair)
"Everybody has to look snappy! Clients come in, and everybody better look good." She relies on Nilsson.

Sarah Penchansky, 23 (pictured, far right)
"I just am not ready to go out on appointments yet. I need a better bag!" But she does get to wear clients, like Language and Hollywould.


Grooming tips
The hair straightening. The hair must be straight, but blow-dries are over. "You have to go to a real Japanese place, like Hayato, on 23rd Street," says Raines, "and get it straightened. I can honestly say this has changed my life."

The skin. Skin care for all ages by Dr. Rhoda Narins. "I mean, she can take care of anything," Weissman says with a wink.

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Photographed by Gavin Bond.