Alexis Clarbour

Photo: Brad Paris

What are your favorite New York bathrooms?
Soho House is really well done. They have a freestanding tub in the bedroom and a separate space for the vanity and walk-in shower. And I love Brasserie—they have an orange resin sink, which is unusual, and glass mosaics.

What does your bath look like?
I told my husband that we can’t buy an apartment until I can fit the tub in this photo in it. It’s called the .25, and it’s $8,500. It just envelops you.

What’s the best bath you’ve ever had?
A milk-and-rose-petal bath in Turks and Caicos. I was in heaven.

What do people ask for?
Plasma-screen TVs over bathtubs are so common now. There’s the seat in the shower, the steam room, the double vanities. We did an outdoor shower on a terrace for a Manhattan home once.

What about a shower rose head? Do those give you better pressure?
Water pressure has more to do with where you’re living, the building’s plumbing, and its flow code.

What do you customize?
Almost everything. One client wanted her pool towels to say PRINCESS. We’re working on a mosaic of the Titanic for a boy’s bathroom now.

Do the $29,000 copper tubs sell?
Yes. Once someone used it to plant a flower bed.

What’s the most luxurious bath you’ve seen?
We had a client who put a claw-foot tub in the middle of her library so she could sit in it and read.

Alexis Clarbour