Caleb McLoud

Photo: Brad Paris

What is the current state of menswear?
It’s awful, which is why I love Cloak—it’s masculine, modern, and wearable. It’s not fast fashion that you’ll wear one season and then toss out. You know, it’s totally normal for women to come in and buy our jeans, too.

It’s not just for a gaunt man-child silhouette?
You don’t have to be a total waste to wear it. It is cut straight, and the clothes are very long and lean. The sleeve has a really high armhole, and it hugs your arm; narrow lapels and a slightly nipped waist make you look thinner. The guys from Interpol shopped here, and so did Jared Leto, pre–weight gain.

Are you a hipster?
No, I’m a southern kid from Nashville who always wanted to live in New York because all my favorite bands and movies were from here. I do live in Williamsburg.

What’s the difference between Cloak and, say, John Varvatos?
On the weekend, the Cloak guy grabs a drink, goes out to see a rock band or the museum, buys a book, has quiet time to study, to draw. [The Varvatos guy] has lunch in Chelsea.

Is Cloak still identifying with the goth aesthetic?
Just because we play loud heavy metal at the show doesn’t mean we should be pigeonholed as this hard, dark, scary brand. This spring, everything is white and gray. There’s even a lavender shirt, which is a huge change.

Caleb McLoud