Annateus Sofhian

Photo: Brad Paris

That’s quite a royal name you have. Are you a knight, too?
Nope, for the moment just the furniture manager. Sir Conran likes to be called Terence, but I’m polite.

If I were to register here, what should I get?
The Nespresso coffeemaker is an amazing machine. It makes the best cup of espresso that I’ve tasted in New York, and it’s user-friendly.

Is there a hot material now?
A hot finish: Gloss. Usually dyed polycarbonate or anything lacquered, like Kartell’s Louis Ghost chair and La Marie chair. The material is a lot stronger and more beautiful than plastic. We’re moving away from stainless steel and glass.

Any other trends?
We’re seeing a resurgence in organic design and mechanics. Like our WaterRower, a rowing machine made of solid wood. Instead of using electrical force, there’s a container you fill with water to control resistance. It’s beautiful enough for the living room.

Which products exemplify smart design?
Our sleeper sofas. One is from Bensen; it’s extremely functional and has a chic design. In the snap of a finger, it transforms into a sleeper, and it’s very comfortable.

Which is your favorite dishware set?
One by Jasper Conran, Terence’s son; it’s made by Wedgwood, and they have amazing product. It’s just plain white. Plain white is the most interesting thing you’ll find around.

Annateus Sofhian