Logan Lin

Photo: Brad Paris

Do you guys take turns hanging out in that tree-cocoon?
No. We usually put clothes in there.

Who designed the store?
The architecture firm Sankakuya from Kyoto. They build everything in Japan and bring it here. The doors are from an old church.

The store has a holy smell, like a temple. What is it?
Sandalwood incense from Kyoto, mixed with Santa Maria Novella potpourri. And there’s a lot of wood. Cedar floors and Kusu walls.

Why is it called 45RPM?
The founder was into old Americana. This fall, there is a lot of Americana with the Umii line, which means ocean. Big Boss created it after old fisherman outfits.

Who’s Big Boss?
We have two main designers; there’s a lady, Yasumi, and Oyakata, which means foreman.

Why is it all so expensive?
We make garments from scratch. The designers buy old fabric, study the weave, and make the denim with vintage shuttle looms.

What’s your favorite thing in the store?
The Jomon denim. Jomon is a really old era of Japan—like, 10,000 B.C. It’s the best denim we’ve ever made—natural-point indigo dye, hand-dyed, ring-spun Zimbabwe cotton, and they slow down the shuttle loom so it has a bumpy look.

Your hairstyle is like the samurai’s mullet. I love it.
Yes, especially when I tie it up high. A guy called Shin cuts it. He’s opening his salon, called Shinske, on East 4th.

Logan Lin