Olivia Kibar

Photo: Brad Paris

For seventeen years, you’ve sold ballet flats to Upper East Side women.
I also help design them. Everyone should have at least three pairs, period. It’s good for flat-footed, high-arched, and extra-wide feet, because they run wide and have an adjustable cord. New York women abuse their feet—some customers come in on crutches after hammertoe or bunion surgery. They put on the flats and are in heaven.

What do you suffer from?
I don’t; I have beautiful toes. I go to a massage therapist, Jerry, at Elizabeth Arden in the Westchester Mall. My pedicure is always done. I do it myself. I trust no one.

How do you keep your shoes from getting ruined?
I use a waterproof spray, Meltonian Water & Stain Protector. I get my shoes re-soled and fixed by George at Empire Shoe Repair, three doors up. When it rains, I wear Tamara Henriques boots up to the knee and in the snow, Canadian-designed Pajar boots.

How many shoes do you own?
Over 300 pairs. I have a big closet in Westchester. George polishes them; I brush them and use a wet towel on the soles to remove bad odors, and store them in labeled boxes.

Do you wear sneakers?
I own a couple Italian pairs in silk and cashmere. But I’m European. I don’t believe in looking comfortable.

Olivia Kibar