Jennifer Duenas

Photo: Brad Paris

You sell high-end lingerie, bondage kits, and vibrators in a store named after Man Ray’s mistress. What were the prerequisites to the job?
A high taste level, and to be very comfortable with the products. We had a lot of training to learn about them.

Did that entail test-drives?
Yeah, well, you have to know your product.

Indeed. Before here, you were at Eres. Your personal lingerie collection must be vast.
My favorite is from here: the Corselette bra. It laces in the back and clips in the front like a corset. I have it on in this picture. I hand-wash my lingerie with a little liquid Tide and line-dry. Woolite will ruin it.

Is that a whip you’re holding?
It’s called the Tickler Two-way. I’m comfortable with every last thing we sell, but it’s not all about toys. We have lavish cashmere-silk tunics and leggings, skintight satin-and-jersey catsuits. We have this handcuff-print scarf. It’s like something Hermès would do. It’s … versatile.

Who are your customers?
No one under 18. Not yet.

Yes. Our crotchless peekaboo panty sells best. And people love our dressing rooms, which comfortably fit two. You know what I mean? They also have dimmer switches, ideal for lone zaftig shoppers.

What’s the most advanced toy here?
The most decadent are the titanium dilettos.

A diletto?
It’s Italian for dildo.

Jennifer Duenas