Jordan Silver

Photo: Brad Paris

What sets Selima apart from other boutiques?
The acetate frames are hand-cut, not injection-molded. We carry brands that are hard to find, and we customize— if you bring a frame in that you love, we’ll copy it.

Best-selling style?
The rectangular-framed Foku. It brings your face up, as opposed to an Aviator, which makes your face look droopy.

Best shopping advice?
Anti-glare lenses are worth it. There’s a new kind that lasts longer than coating and doesn’t smudge as much. I’m a fan of transitional lenses [which turn lighter indoors and darken outside]. If you pick a frame that looks good as both, you save money.

What about upkeep?
If your metal glasses are dirty, use an ultrasonic cleaner. Bring old acetate glasses here; we’ll refurbish them for $50.

How vast is your own collection ?
I’ve always collected vintage. When I met Selima, my collection was too big for me to wear. Now I’m one of her vendors. My line is Silver Lining Vintage.

Largest purchase?
I bought 40 Balenciaga frames from the seventies. My prized possession is Yoko Ono’s Porsche-designed frames—what she wore on the cover of Rolling Stone in the early eighties.

Favorite brand?
Persol. If you find a pair of vintage Persols with the word Ratti on the inside, those are very valuable.

What’s your best source for vintage?
Retired opticians. What’s buried in their basements New Yorkers consider cool.

Jordan Silver