Jaki Batton

Photo: Brad Paris

What are your favorite resorts?
I love [Maine’s] Sugarloaf, and [Vermont’s] Stratton is always fun. Everybody in the city goes to Mountain Creek in New Jersey. It’s, like, an hour away, and they have night riding.

Are there local clubs or leagues to join?
No, but we offer trips through our store. Starting December 16, we’ll do day trips on Thursdays and Saturdays [about $70] and weekend trips [about $525] once a month.

Do you guys wear helmets down the mountain?
Heck, yeah. Especially on the East Coast, where there’s so much man-made snow and ice—we have padded helmets, padded knit caps, impact surf-style shorts which armor your tailbone, and gloves with built-in wrist guards.

What new arrival are you particularly excited about?
We just introduced the women’s B by Burton line. My favorite piece right now is the S. Ride suit. It’s this one-piece that’s industrial looking, like a mechanic’s, but it’s for women and actually flattering. We have the raddest designers that are super-aware of fashion and mountain function.

Are you into other winter sports?
I can make a mean snowman and I can tear the heck out of a sledding hill, but it’s really about snowboarding for me.

Jaki Batton