Eve Lateiner

Photo: Brad Paris

Why the “Zero” in the store’s name?
It has to do with the simplicity of the design, the idea of infinity, and also with the fact that Maria’s early pieces were based on a circle pattern.

Describe the aesthetic of the clothes you sell.
It’s very architectural and feminine. People have likened it to Yohji Yamamoto. It’s definitely a little avant-garde.

All for women?
Yes, although she is working on a men’s collection. She hasn’t yet announced when it will be ready.

Favorite customer?
Someone’s who’s really willing to try things on. The thing about Maria’s clothes, they transform once you have them on the body.

What are your favorite pieces this season?
The olina jacket has really long black-lace sleeves coming out from underneath black-velvet three-quarter sleeves. So it has kind of a Victorian-goth feel to it.

Are the clothes expensive?
The pieces are priced so reasonably for what you’re getting. It’s not a crazy price point that huge brand names would be.

Are you holiday shopping here?
For my mom, there are these hand-printed T-shirts that I helped Maria do some of the silk-screening on. It’s nice to give someone something that’s unique and handmade.

Are you an artist?
My training’s in fine arts, and the plan is to get an M.F.A. in painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

Eve Lateiner