Folami Greene

Photo: Brad Paris

How much of your wardrobe is from here?
A third. They’re very generous—a few pieces every season and a discount.

That’s lucky. The store’s quite expensive.
I had one customer spend over $10,000 in one fell swoop. On paper, it looks like a heck of a lot of money, but it’s not really as scary as it sounds.

Um, really? How much does your outfit cost?
Let’s see…

You need a calculator?
Yes, I don’t want to make any mistakes here. About $1,000.

I love the yellow boots.
They’re from Edith, on Rivington. I have an extensive vintage-boot collection. I go to Cowboy shoe repair on Prince to fix them. The guy there is a miracle worker.

The store’s owners said they sell beginner, intermediate, and advanced fashion. Give me an example of each.
Proenza Schouler is well made, elegant, simple. Lanvin requires confidence to pull off, and this season, the shapes aren’t familiar—one-shouldered tops, drop sleeves. I’d say Elise Overland is advanced. Her silk tie-dye kimono jacket just looks like a rectangle on the hanger.

What’s on the wait-list?
Always, the Lanvin flats. People plan ahead by at least a season. We start receiving fall next month; that means 40 percent markdowns in June!

Do you live in Soho?
No, Harlem. I love to shop at Pieces, on 135th Street. Great jackets, tees, sandals, by homegrown designers. It’s just three blocks from my house. Very dangerous.

Folami Greene