Josefina Pedraza

Photo: Brad Paris

How did Olatz begin?
The genesis of the store is that Olatz’s husband [Julian Schnabel] made raw-steel beds and he couldn’t find linens he liked to dress them in. They played around with colors, and it evolved into a bedding collection.

What’s popular?
In general, our linens are popular. Palermo sheets [from $335] can blend with any décor. The maintenance is tricky, but I assume people who can afford our sets have someone at home who can iron them.

You also do hand-embroidered monograms.
That’s usually requested for our Royal collection. Without monograms, the pillows look a bit empty. It’s a classy, old-fashioned touch, but you’ve got to be subtle. To put your initials on everything is a bit excessive.

Your store sells $80 onesies. Isn’t that a bit excessive?
Not at all. You can’t have the baby running around naked.

Do most people go with white?
Yes, because they’re afraid of color. I’ve forced customers to choose fun, unusual color combinations like red and purple. It’s not a life commitment, it’s sheets.

How much does the typical customer spend?
About $1,000. The most expensive piece is the embroidered duvet cover from the Catalina or Antonia collections [$1,555]. Or they spend $575 for our silk pajamas.

How often should I change my sheets?
Once a week. The fitted sheet gets the most use and needs to be replaced often. Same with pillowcases because it’s where your head is. Hygienically, it’s better.

Josefina Pedraza