Brandy Cusamano

Photo: Brad Paris

How did you end up in beauty?
My mother was a stylist, so I grew up in a hair salon.

How is your store different from Sephora or the first floor of Saks?
We’re a British-based company that offers more than 60 brands from all over the world, like Zelens, Pro-Ferm, and SheerinO’kho. It’s unusual for us to sell one brand head to toe. Beauty is just like fashion. You change your shoes per season; you should treat your skin care as such.

What is your most coveted item?
There’s a cult for our Eve Lom cleanser [$85 for 100 milliliters; $150 for 200]. It comes with a muslin cloth and instructions on how to massage your lymph nodes to release toxins.

What is your staff obsessed with?
The Ina Crystals White Gold Detoxifying Crystal Salt [$85] is a bath soak that’s equivalent to a three-day detox. The staff cannot wait to get paid so that they can buy more.

What’s an excellent red that everybody can wear?
Lipstick Queen Red Sinner [$18]. It’s not too pink or orange.

Tips on finding the perfect color?
When trying on lipstick, always have on blush and a little mascara. When there is no color on your face and you’re just putting on lipstick, the focus goes immediately to the lips.

What beauty trend do you wish would go away?
The overuse of straightening irons. Poker-straight hair doesn’t look good on anyone.

What exactly is Titillation Lip and Nipple Balm by Agent Provocateur [$40]?
It’s self-explanatory.

Brandy Cusamano